About Angela Cupido Counselling

Offering professional counselling, therapy, psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families in Sault Ste. Marie. Counselling is offered face to face, via secure video, or via telephone.


**Update**: Angela Cupido 
Counselling is currently prepared to follow public health guidelines and is now open for those who prefer face to face counselling (depending on your funding source). 

As well, I am now able to offer secure video counselling with those who prefer this modality, and am continuing to offer telephone counselling. 

If you would like to make an appointment, please email: angelacupidocounselling@bellnet.ca 

Also feel free to leave a private voice message and it will be responded to as soon as possible: 

If you are in immediate distress and need to speak with someone now, please call Crisis Services from anywhere in the Algoma District at: 1.800.721.0077

If you are in Sault Ste. Marie, Crisis Services Can Be Reached at: 705.759.3398

Angela Cupido Counselling General Information

Angela Cupido Counselling 

is a full-time professional and independent counselling practice accepting self and other referrals for face to face, encrypted video, or telephone counselling.

1496 Wellington St. E. 2nd Floor, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6A 2R1

P: 705.253.3318

Email by Clicking : angelacupidocounselling@bellnet.ca 

 Sincerely,   Angela Cupido, B.A. (Psychology); B.S.W., Honours; M.Couns. (Counselling Psychology); R.S.W.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Angela Cupido Counselling
respects & adheres to all applicable Professional regulations, standards, guidelines & laws in relation to Practice, and as required accesses confidential and anonymous Supervision and other Professional Development activities

Confidentiality & Protection of Privacy practices are explained & discussed during the first meeting

Confidentiality: All requests for Angela Cupido Counselling are confidential in that
no identifying information in regard to you will ever be shared without your expressed & informed permission. Giving expressed & informed permission  occurs at times in counselling when individual(s) seeking services & counsellor's recognize that sharing, or releasing identifying counselling information may be to your overall benefit or need. 
In these circumstances, a discussion between you & Angela Cupido Counselling will take place & you will fully understand what it is you are consenting to & why.
This process is providing Informed Consent to Release Information. 

Rare or exceptional circumstances: In what are usually very  rare  circumstances, Angela Cupido Counselling is professionally required to disclose identifying information about you to respective third parties without your expressed permission.

These limited circumstances are:
  •   assessment that there is risk of physical / serious harm to self or other(s)
  •   identified risk of child abuse or neglect in relation to any identifiable child
  •  court/legal/police orders requested of Angela Cupido Counselling to release information

Protection of Privacy: As part of their duties, Counsellor’s are professionally required to maintain records. Part of counselling requires that a Counsellor listen & gather information about concerns & needs.
 All Counselling Records are securely stored & kept by Angela Cupido Counselling from the point of agreement for services to the year required by law. Angela Cupido Counselling strictly adheres to all personal privacy rights, only seeks anonymous Supervision for professional development & ensures all available security measures are conscientiously & consistently applied.

Angela Cupido Counselling will ensure that any concerns or questions you may have about services, confidentiality, privacy, supervision, or any other issue, are responded to during our first interaction, as well as in any future  communication(s) or meeting(s), upon your request

There is more information about Angela Cupido Counselling on Facebook: 


Opening and Closing Hours: Angela Cupido Counselling 

Monday's: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's: 10:00 am to 6:30
Friday's: 10:00 am and 4:30 pm

Meetings can be either face to face, via secure video, or via telephone counselling. 

For questions or inquiries about scheduling a meeting ~ 

P: 705.253.3318

Email by clicking:  angelacupidocounselling@bellnet.ca


Angela Cupido Counselling is an independent, private counselling & psychotherapy service, & as such, services offered have fee's that are not covered by OHIP.  

If you or your family member(s) / partner are 

Employed or otherwise have Counselling, Psychotherapy, or Counselling / Clinical Social Work, or R.S.W. Benefits as part of a Health Coverage, Employee Assistance Program, or other Extended Health Care Plan, 

the services offered by Angela Cupido Counselling may be covered ... 

Angela Cupido Counselling is affiliated with various EAP/EFAP companies that most workplaces have. 

Therefore you, your family member, or your partner's workplace benefits programs may cover all counselling service costs.

Angela Cupido Counselling Psychotherapy Fee for Clients Outside of the Above Funded Programs:

$100 / meeting, inclusive & set fee for low income

Fee's for counselling cover both the time spent in face to face or telephone meetings as well as dedicated professional time for Counsellor consideration of each person(s) progress and possibilities for next steps. As well, fee's cover contact we may have between meetings, if applicable. Angela Cupido reserves weekly appointment times for those who have a demonstrated low income. Fee's for these reserved meeting times are set at a fixed lower rate. Please inquire with Angela Cupido if you may be eligible for this lower income rate. 

If you prefer or are interested in telephone or secure video counselling, fee's are accepted by etransfer. 

If you prefer to meet face to face, etransfer, cash or cheque are accepted methods of payment. 

If you have any questions or inquiries, call Angela Cupido at 705.253.3318. You also can click here to email .